Siyadi Mosque

The Siyadi complex, created by one of Bahrain’s leading grand pearl merchant families (tajir al-lu’lu’), consists of three interrelated buildings: Siyadi House, a family residence built by Abdullah bin Isa Siyadi; Siyadi Majlis, a second family residence with an impressive guest room built by Ahmad bin Jassim Siyadi; and Siyadi Mosque, donated to the community by Isa and Jassim bin Ahmad Siyadi.


The Siyadis settled in Muharraq in the early 19th century. As grand pearl merchants, the family owned its own pearling fleet and was guaranteed of its annual pearl catch. The immense wealth generated from pearls allowed the family to build the Siyadi complex.


Siyadi Mosque is a modest, single-storey courtyard mosque with a simple conical minaret and remains in use. Built in 1865 and revised in 1910, it is Muharraq’s oldest preserved mosque and its earliest expression of Islamic religious values in the pearling economy.

209, Lane 914, Block 209

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